Electrical Remedial Work

The electrical remedial works are carried out to rectify (repair) any safety problems with the electrical installation of either a residential or commercial property, The protection issues (defects) usually come to light after an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) has been carried out, so periodically the remedies are described as EICR remedial works.

Why are electrical remedial works important?

Electrical remedial works are undertaken to allow Acceptable (safe) electrical quality for the property so that the landlord is legally compliant, and the electrical system in the property is secure for its intended use. We can essay residential and commercial electrical remedial work in London and the South West following one of our EICRs or complete a list of required repairs from another company’s EICR

Electrical Remedial Repairs following an EICR

If you select Hexo Electrical Testing to complete your electrical remedial repairs following our EICR, the remedial work will be taken out by one of our skilled engineers, and on completion we will issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate or Minor Works Certificate, and a Satisfactory EICR. If the works fall under Part P of the building regulations, then we will also issue you with a Part P Certificate for your compliance purposes.