If It is Electrical,
We Do It.

At HS, we are proud to offer quality electrical services to customers throughout city.

“We Provide Electrical Installations, Upgrades, Maintenance”

We have extensive experience in both the commercial and residential fields.

Why We Should Be Your Top Choice

Quick Response Times

Licensed Electricians

Experienced and Accessible

You can trust us to follow the safety measures required for all electrical installations and repairs. We respond to emergency repair needs as quickly as we can.
Electrical Installation
Our expert technicians are trained to install any type of electrical wiring for your home
Addition / Renovation Wiring
Can help you design and safely install updated electrical features
Electrical Repairs
Do you have an electrical emergency that needs reliable electrical repair services?
Full service electrical company offering some of the most comprehensive lighting services
Home Generators
Install any type of backup generator for your home or business.
Circuit Breaker Panels
From electrical panel installation to repair, our licensed electricians can take care